Local Services

Harm Reduction Information and Advice

Our team's top priority is for you to have all the information and resources you need to make healthy and informed decisions about drug use. There are lots of great resources available on our Harm Reduction Info page. If those resources don't have the answer to your question, or you'd like more personalized advice, feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!

Drug Checking Services

We have partnered with Dancesafe Twin Cities to offer free, confidential reagent testing / drug checking services to the Hamline community. Although reagent testing does not confirm the purity of a sample, it can help identify the presence of the drug itself as well as common adulterants. To request drug checking services, please fill out our drug checking request form. We can only provide drug checking for the following substances: MDMA, MDA, LSD (blotter), Ketamine

Tripsitting Support

Some Hamline SSDP volunteers have studied the Zendo Project / Manual of Psychedelic Support and can offer in-person and remote peer psychedelic support upon request (dependent on availability) to aid in navigating a difficult psychedelic experience (bad trip). To request a tripsitter, contact us on Messenger @HamlineSSDP, or call / text our phone number, 651-760-7727. If possible, please let us know the situation, your location, and a gender-preference for your tripsitter (if any), so we can best support you.

Naloxone Access

We always have free Naloxone (Narcan), the opiate overdose antidote medication, available for the Hamline University and Hamline-Midway community. If you would like to request a 30 minute individual or group Naloxone training session, including how to recognize overdose, administer Naloxone, and reverse an overdose, please fill out our Naloxone Request form.

Other community organizations, including SRHN and Southside Harm Reduction Services also offer free Naloxone. The easiest way to find an upcoming Naloxone event near you is to search for Naloxone or Narcan on Facebook Events.

Medical Cannabis Patient Advocacy Program

If you qualify for Medical Cannabis in Minnesota (qualifying conditions), but need help navigating the process of finding a provider, becoming certified, and choosing a dispensary, our friends at Sensible Minnesota are able to help. Sensible's Patient Program has trained advocates ready to help you legally access medical cannabis. More information is available on their website.

Sterile Injection Materials

Pharmacies in the State of Minnesota are permitted to sell sterile syringes without a prescription, however, many choose not to, especially if they suspect that it'll be used for illicit drug use.

The nearest needle exchange to Hamline's campus is located through the steel door behind Clinic 555 (555 Ceder St). The exchange offers sterile syringes, cookers, cottons, and tourniquets, as well as free Naloxone, HIV/HCV testing, and sharps containers. Hours of operation are available here.

Southside Harm Reduction Services delivers sterile injection materials and Naloxone on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Call or Text 612-615-9725 to schedule a free delivery.

If you're having trouble accessing sterile injection materials through any of the above resources, contact us for support.

Mental Health Services

As a Hamline student, you have access to free counseling services and referrals to other mental health providers through Hamline Counseling and Health Services. To schedule an appointment, visit in person (basement of Manor Hall) or call 651-523-2204.

If you urgently need mental health services, please call the Ramsey County Adult Mental Health Crisis Line at 651-266-7900.

If you're not seeking services, but would like to talk to a trained professional:

  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Trevor Suicide Prevention Hotline (LGBTQIA+ specific): 1-800-850-8078
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741-741