Legal Questions

What are my rights during a police encounter?

Great question! Check out the ACLU's What To Do If You're Stopped By The Police page.

Do I have to let my RA or Public Safety search my dorm room?

Yes, unfortunately, Landlord-Tenant rights do not apply to college dorms. By signing your housing contract, you've signed away your right to refuse searches your room. If you're being noisy, drinking underage, or smoking weed in your dorm room and get a knock on your door, being respectful and compliant is usually your best option. Thankfully, Hamline has better policies surrounding drug and alcohol violations than many other schools, so one violation shouldn't jeopardize your financial aid, campus housing, or enrollment.

Can I have or use medical cannabis on campus?

Technically, no. University policies do not make a distinction between medical and recreational cannabis, and both are banned onsite. Since the university takes federal funds (such as federal financial aid) and cannabis is illegal under federal law, the school can not officially allow any cannabis on Hamline property. Additionally, vaporizing cannabis oil is against the Hamline's smoke free policy, which also prohibits the any and all vapor inhalation devices.

While you might be tempted to walk off campus to take your medicine, it is important to note that consuming medical cannabis in public spaces (such as sidewalks) is prohibited by state law and could result in your patient status to be revoked.

If you're a medical cannabis patient in our community, your best option is to exercise extreme discretion around possessing or using medical cannabis on Hamline's campus. Since the school's drug policies allow administration extreme flexibility to the consequences of policy violations, and administration has expressed sympathy to this, but is bound by federal regulations, your best option is to be discrete and avoid open consumption and ask for forgiveness if caught.

Note: None of us have law degrees (yet) and nothing posted above should be construed as legal advice. This page is just an FAQ of questions students frequently ask. If you need help finding a lawyer, please visit the Minnesota State Bar Association or contact us.