Drug Info

Erowid Center is the oldest and largest online collection of information around plants and chemicals. The site looks pretty old school, but is full of high-quality, curated information about drugs and drug use. If you're looking to learn more about a drug, including its effects, health consequences, harm reduction tips, legality, and more, Erowid is a great place to start your search.

TripSit.me offers a variety of helpful online harm reduction resources, including the Drug Combination chart, which categorizes and explains the risks associated with different polydrug combinations, the Drug Wiki, which offers concise, easy to read drug and harm reduction information, and their 24/7 Online Tripsitting service, to support people experiencing difficult, but not life threatening, drug experiences.

Roll Safe is a MDMA / Ecstasy specific harm reduction guide that details what MDMA is, how to take it, how much to take, how to test for adulterants, and recommended supplements to take to have an enjoyable roll and avoid a post-roll hangover/depression. We recommend reading this guide before consuming MDMA, especially if it is your first time.

Considering taking "study drugs" like Adderall or Ritalin to help you finish a project or ace your exams? AddySafe is a harm reduction guide for prescription stimulant use, and includes includes important tips such as knowing your drug and dose, how to eat, drink, and sleep, supplements to take how to avoid a unpleasant comedown, maximize productivity, and take care of yourself.

Note: Taking stimulants that are not prescribed to you is not just illegal, but is also considered Academic Dishonesty under Hamline's policies. Proceed with caution.

SSDP's Just Say Know peer education curriculum is a set of drug specific lesson plans to help facilitate conversations about drug use and harm reduction with your peers developed specifically for a high school - college aged audience. Though this information is developed for presentation, this resource is also great for individual consumption.

Ecstasy Data is a DEA-licensed drug checking laboratory operated by Erowid, MAPS, and DanceSafe that tests for adulterants in street drugs, including MDMA, MDA, LSD, and Ketamine sent in from across the United States. Sending a drug sample to Ecstasy Data or a similar drug checking laboratory that utilizes GC/MS is the only way to be certain about the purity of an illicit drug.

The Better Vein Care / Safer Injection Guide is created by Any Positive Change. This short guide provides some great tips to avoid scars and infections that may arise due to injection drug use. We recommend anyone who uses engages in IV drug use reads this.

DrugStory is a website created by SSDP alumni that allows people to anonymously share their drug experiences with the world. Although drugs effect everyone differently, reading the other's accounts of drug use is a good way to understand how a drug might effect you.

The Drugs.com Pill Identifier helps identify pharmaceuticals based on their color, shape, and markings. Although this is one way to help identify a pill you might want to take, it does not guarantee its safety, as drugs effect everyone differently, and illicit pills can contain adulterants while being still appearing authentic. Further research prior to consumption is strongly encouraged.